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Upcoming Events

4/22 School Back in Session
JH Golf @ Braham 4:15pm CANCELLED
V/JV Softball @ Pine City 4:30pm
JH Track @ Pine City 3:30pm
V Track @ Ogilvie 4pm
V Baseball @ Pine City 4:30pm
JH Baseball and Softball vs East Central 4:30pmCANCELLED

4/24 V Golf @ MLWR
JH Baseball @ Braham 4:30pm
V/JV Softball vs Braham 4:30pm

JH Track @ Ogilvie 4:15pm
JH Softball @ Braham 4:30pm
V Baseball vs Braham 4:30pm

4/25 JH Baseball and Softball @ Pine City 4:15pm
V Softball Double Header vs East Central
V Track @ Pine City 3:30pm
V/JV Golf @ Braham 4:15pm
V Baseball vs East Central 4:30pm
JV Softball vs Pine City

4/26 V/JV Softball @ Pine City 

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