Donkey Basketball

Donkey Basketball

Come on out for the wild and crazy Donkey Basketball show! It's basketball played on real, live donkeys and it will be wilder than a rodeo and funnier than a circus! It's a thrill a minute, a spill a minute. Laugh as you've never laughed before at the wild and crazy donkey basketball show! HES PTO will be serving a meal before the show from 2:00-3:30pm in the HS cafeteria. Cost is $5/plate. Meal and event pricing is separate.

Regional Science Fair

Mackenzie Lange – Does Music Affect Your Mood

2nd Place in Behavioral Sciences & United States Air Force Award

Alayna Strandberg – The Stroop Effect

3rd Place in Behavioral Sciences

Madison Klar – The Five Word Test

3rd Place in Behavioral Sciences & Certificate of Award the American Psychological Association & American Indian Science & Engineering Society Medal Winner

Jaden Mishler – How do people learn better, digitally or audibly?

3rd Place in Behavioral Sciences & American Indian Science & Engineering Society Medal Winner

Emmalyn Richter – What color gets to the highest temperature the fastest?

1st Place in Physics and Astronomy & United States Air Force Awared & 10th place for Best in Fair.

Isabelle Richter – Can Humans Identify AI?

1st Place in Computer Science & Best Psycology Project, & 8th place for Best in Fair.

Ava Blowers – How fast do pain relievers dissolve in hydrochloric acid?

2nd in Chemistry & UNited States Air force award & American Chemical Society chemistry award & NRRI chemistry award.

Eliah Eaves – Does Headphone Misuse cause hearing loss?

1st place in Biomedical NE MN regional science fair

American Indian Science & Engineering Society Medal Winner

6th place for Best in Fair.

Noah Hickle – Microbial Growth On Public Versus Private Surfaces

2nd Place in Microbiology

Honor Choir

Honor Choir 2024

Members of the Hinckley Finlayson Choir, joined together with other groups this weekend to sing in the All conference choir at Pine City High School. The group worked under the amazing direction of Tonya Barnes, the director of Unum Vox. Throughout the day, students learned about the music, compassion and togetherness as they worked very hard on singing their music. The day was capped off with a spectacular performance (including some dancing). Below are some pictures throughout the day, and a rehearsal of one of the songs that many of the kids found to be their favorite! Congratulations to Bella Stensrud-Eubanks, Davanie Wodash, Serenity Young, Mackenzie Carlson, Taylor Hanson and Piper Brant on their accomplishments and making it through the day!

Honor Band

On Saturday, some concert band members performed in the All Conference Honor Band where top players from each school come together and make music. This concert was put together in just two days!! Please congratulate these students if you see them!

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