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Hinckley-Finlayson Assessment

Statewide Assessment: Parent/Guardian Decision Not to Participate

Your student’s participation in statewide assessments is important as it allows your school and district to ensure all students have access to a high-quality education. In the past, students with disabilities and English learners were often excluded from statewide assessments. By requiring that all students take statewide assessments, schools and teachers have more information to see how all students are doing. This helps schools to continuously improve the education they provide and to identify groups, grades, or subjects that may need additional support.

Select the form here: mca_parent_guardian_opt–out_form

MCA Assessment Opt-Out Forms should be filled out and returned to your students’ office. 

New legislation, which amended M.S. 120B.31, Subd. 4a, requires school districts to provide notice to parents or guardians of their option to refuse to have their students take the statewide assessments. If you wish to opt out of statewide (MCA) testing please use the form (attached). Call Superintendent with questions. Click here for the opt out form or visit the Minnesota Department of Education for more information.

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